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Koi story: Auburn woman seeks homes for 2,000 fish

AUBURN, CA - A woman who stocked her pond with eight koi a dozen years ago is now wondering what to do with a population that has grown to an estimated 2,000 fish.

"I have a big problem," said Joan Levy.  "I need to get rid of the fish."

Levy wants to drain the pond, but doesn't want to kill the koi.

West Sacramento koi breeder and dealer Anthony Quintero of Koi Enterprise said koi reproduce rapidly and can eventually overwhelm a residential pond.

"We hear that a lot," said Quintero.  "It's actually a very common occurrence."

Koi is a carefully bred ornamental carp originally from Japan that can sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Quintero said Levy is unlikely sitting on a gold mine because her koi have been allowed to breed indiscriminately.

"She may have 2,000 (ordinary) carp," he said.

VIDEO: Man sets up 9/11 memorial in West Sacramento

WEST SACRAMENTO, CA - A memorial started by a West Sacramento man 11 years ago has grown to the thousands.

A 9/11 Flag Memorial is on display at the freeway overpass on Jefferson Boulevard.

John Vinson started the memorial on 9/11/01 when he heard of the attacks. He took his American Flag to wave it over the freeway.

Today, Vinson said there is a flag representing each person who lost their life in the attacks and hundreds more that have been added over the years.

Warm Friday night football forecast

SACRAMENTO, CA - Thunderstorms have cleared just in time for Friday night football. Warmer weather is ahead though, making for a toasty start to most games.

Friday Night Football Forecast

SACRAMENTO, CA     A cooling breeze will make for comfortable Friday night football weather. Temperatures cool quickly after sunset at 7:37pm.

Why you may want to double check your next Chipotle bill

One of America's leading burrito chains was caught pinching customers' pennies recently.

An article in the Huffington Post revealed two conscientious New Jersey Chipotle customers noticed their checks were rounded up to the nearest even amount.

When Star-Ledger reporter, Karen Price, investigated the claim, she found Chipotle's registers did indeed round up, as well as down to the nearest nickel.

"The idea is simply to limit the possible combinations of change on cash transactions to keep the lines moving quickly in high volume areas," spokesman Chris Arnold informed the Star-Ledger.

Arnold later told the New York Times that Chipotle has not seen any profit from the practice.

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Week 0: Christian Brothers 23, River City 20

WEST SACRAMENTO - Christian Brothers Falcons defeated the River City Raiders 23-20 Friday night.

Next Saturday, Christian Brothers will host Valden, while River City will host Yuba City.