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Calif. allows complete voter registration online

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) - California elections officials hope to make signing up to vote easier than ever through a new online registration system. 

Secretary of State Debra Bowen was joined by state lawmakers and voter advocates Wednesday in launching the web feature ahead of the Nov. 6 election. They say it will help more than 6 million Californians who are qualified but have not registered. 

The online forms will be checked against applicants' driver's license or state identification card information, and then will be sent to county registrars for final verification. 

Until now, applicants had to print out and sign a paper copy for signature verification by county officials. 

Republicans opposed the bill establishing the process, saying it could lead to voter fraud and higher costs. 

Great Hang Up: 'Who Holds the Keys to Your Future?'

Great Hang Up: We often hear the bad news about teens but there's so much good to share as well. This past weekend, hundreds of teens took part in a driver safety summit called "Who Holds the Keys to Your Future" to see what they could do to help spread the safe driving message.

The California Friday Night Live Partnership puts together the annual summit and also helps schools develop programs on their campus. The summit goal is harnessing teen creativity and brainstorming to create school programs.

News10 showed a Great Hang Up story at the summit from a CA FNL event at El Camino High where students put a balance beam on campus and sent students texts while they tried to cross it to spotlight the distraction of trying to do two things at once.

Endeavour fly over Calif. pushed to Friday

MOFFETT FIELD - NASA officials say the Northern California fly-over of space shuttle Endeavour is now postponed to Friday morning.

NASA's youngest shuttle was supposed to depart Florida's Kennedy Space Center on Monday for its permanent museum home in Los Angeles. But stormy weather along the Gulf of Mexico nixed the travel plans. 

PREVIOUS STORY: Endeavour to fly-over Sacramento Sept. 20

NASA aimed for a Tuesday bon voyage. But that ended up getting scrapped as well. Endeavour's departure is now set for Wednesday morning. It's bolted to the top of a modified jumbo jet. 

Endeavour, which retired last year, will go on display at the California Science Center in Los Angeles.

Boat catches fire on Sacramento River

WEST SACRAMENTO, CA - Crews battled a boat fire on the Sacramento River Saturday afternoon.

West Sacramento Fire and Sacramento Fire departments responded to the river near Bryte Bend Bridge, where Interstate-80 crosses over the river near Ikea, around 4:54 p.m.

Crews got reports of explosions on the boat.

Fortunately, no one was on the boat at the time of the fire.

Koi story: Auburn woman seeks homes for 2,000 fish

AUBURN, CA - A woman who stocked her pond with eight koi a dozen years ago is now wondering what to do with a population that has grown to an estimated 2,000 fish.

"I have a big problem," said Joan Levy.  "I need to get rid of the fish."

Levy wants to drain the pond, but doesn't want to kill the koi.

West Sacramento koi breeder and dealer Anthony Quintero of Koi Enterprise said koi reproduce rapidly and can eventually overwhelm a residential pond.

"We hear that a lot," said Quintero.  "It's actually a very common occurrence."

Koi is a carefully bred ornamental carp originally from Japan that can sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Quintero said Levy is unlikely sitting on a gold mine because her koi have been allowed to breed indiscriminately.

"She may have 2,000 (ordinary) carp," he said.

VIDEO: Man sets up 9/11 memorial in West Sacramento

WEST SACRAMENTO, CA - A memorial started by a West Sacramento man 11 years ago has grown to the thousands.

A 9/11 Flag Memorial is on display at the freeway overpass on Jefferson Boulevard.

John Vinson started the memorial on 9/11/01 when he heard of the attacks. He took his American Flag to wave it over the freeway.

Today, Vinson said there is a flag representing each person who lost their life in the attacks and hundreds more that have been added over the years.

Warm Friday night football forecast

SACRAMENTO, CA - Thunderstorms have cleared just in time for Friday night football. Warmer weather is ahead though, making for a toasty start to most games.