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Send in your High School Sports Fan Photo of the Week!

Kate from Golden Sierra High and Sydney from Lathrop High were the two most recent winners in the Papa Murphy's USA TODAY High School Sports Fan Photo of the Week Contest.

They each won $50 in coupons for food and drink at Papa Murphy's!

What are we looking for? With high school football in full gear, it's easy to find lots of examples of school spirit: Fans dressed in school colors, clever banners and signs, the school mascot, the school spirit squad, game-day rallies, players cheering a teammate's play -- you get the idea.

Chargers give Sacramento native Floyd three-year extension

SAN DIEGO, CA  - The San Diego Chargers signed wide receiver Malcom Floyd to a three-year contract extension on Wednesday.

Floyd, who was born in Sacramento and played at River City High School in West Sacramento, has caught 13 passes for 227 yards and one touchdown in three games this season.

The 31-year-old Floyd, who signed a two-year deal with San Diego shortly after the lockout ended last season, has caught 190 passes for 3,397 yards and 21 touchdowns in 77 career games with the Chargers.


The 10 best places to see Endeavour fly over Sacramento

SACRAMENTO, CA - Sometime around 9:30 a.m. Friday, the Space Shuttle Endeavour will be passing over the Capitol Building on the back of a 747 at about 1,500 feet elevation.

Obviously, the best place to get a look is going to be downtown, near the Capitol. Access to high-rise buildings is going to be limited, but if you happen to work in, have a friend staying in, or can somehow sneak into one of the following 10 tallest buildings in Sacramento, you'll see the shuttle from city's best vantage points:

1. Wells Fargo Center - 423 ft
2. US Bank Tower - 402 ft
3. US Bank Plaza - 380 ft
4. Cal/EPA Building - 372 ft
5. Renaissance Tower - 372 ft
6. Capitol Square - 351 ft
7. U.S. Courthouse & Federal Building - 350 ft
8. Esquire Plaza - 322 ft
9. Sheraton Grand Sacramento - 318 ft
10. 1201K Tower - 238 ft

Sacramento Mountain Lions release training camp roster

SACRAMENTO - The Sacramento Mountain Lions released their official training camp roster with one week and a day until their season and home opener.

Quarterback Josh Johnson, who played for the NFL 49ers and Buccaneers leads the 56 man roster. 

John David Washington, the son of Academy Award winning actor Denzel Washington returns for a second straight year. 

The Mountain Lions are scheduled to open the season on Friday, September 28th at Raley Field

Calif. allows complete voter registration online

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) - California elections officials hope to make signing up to vote easier than ever through a new online registration system. 

Secretary of State Debra Bowen was joined by state lawmakers and voter advocates Wednesday in launching the web feature ahead of the Nov. 6 election. They say it will help more than 6 million Californians who are qualified but have not registered. 

The online forms will be checked against applicants' driver's license or state identification card information, and then will be sent to county registrars for final verification. 

Until now, applicants had to print out and sign a paper copy for signature verification by county officials. 

Republicans opposed the bill establishing the process, saying it could lead to voter fraud and higher costs. 

Great Hang Up: 'Who Holds the Keys to Your Future?'

Great Hang Up: We often hear the bad news about teens but there's so much good to share as well. This past weekend, hundreds of teens took part in a driver safety summit called "Who Holds the Keys to Your Future" to see what they could do to help spread the safe driving message.

The California Friday Night Live Partnership puts together the annual summit and also helps schools develop programs on their campus. The summit goal is harnessing teen creativity and brainstorming to create school programs.

News10 showed a Great Hang Up story at the summit from a CA FNL event at El Camino High where students put a balance beam on campus and sent students texts while they tried to cross it to spotlight the distraction of trying to do two things at once.

Endeavour fly over Calif. pushed to Friday

MOFFETT FIELD - NASA officials say the Northern California fly-over of space shuttle Endeavour is now postponed to Friday morning.

NASA's youngest shuttle was supposed to depart Florida's Kennedy Space Center on Monday for its permanent museum home in Los Angeles. But stormy weather along the Gulf of Mexico nixed the travel plans. 

PREVIOUS STORY: Endeavour to fly-over Sacramento Sept. 20

NASA aimed for a Tuesday bon voyage. But that ended up getting scrapped as well. Endeavour's departure is now set for Wednesday morning. It's bolted to the top of a modified jumbo jet. 

Endeavour, which retired last year, will go on display at the California Science Center in Los Angeles.