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Reader Showcase // John's PB Inspired Clara Buffet

Reader Showcase / John's PB Inspired Clara Buffet

I needed something to fill this empty space in my kitchen and the Clara Buffet was perfect! For this project, I chose to use oak, a red stain with brown and black accents, and brushed nickel hardware.

As always, thank you to TDC for the great plans and thanks for reading! Also, check out my blog post (link below) for a lot more build pictures and thoughts on each building step!

Here are images of the piece mostly assembled without the doors or drawers. As you can see, everything has already been finished to avoid tight corners. Drilling the space for the door hinges...this was nerve racking! As you can see I taped around the area to avoid any damage to the rest of the finish. This plus the flange on the hinge hid any defects. You can see the gusset  I added to the top inside edge of the side panels (see modifications section). This is what I secured the top with on the edges and it worked great.

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Rain Barrel Workshop at the Library

Rain Barrel Workshop at the Library

Local Master Gardener, Mike Vilhauer, is continuing the rain barrel workshops that started at the West Sacramento Farmers Market this summer.  The barrels are provided by Nor Cal Beverage at no charge, however, the rain barrel diverter kit, which is available on-line from hardware stores such as Home Depot and Lowe’s, must be purchased separately. All workshop participants will receive a rain barrel at the workshop, where they will learn the installation process and use of the rain barrel. There is a one-per-household limit.

The next workshop is scheduled ... Read More

September Gardening Class & Anniversary Celebration

September Gardening Class & Anniversary Celebration

The Hanna and Herbert Bauer Memorial Community Garden will host two garden events in September, both free, sponsored by Yolo County Health Services Department and open to all.

On Saturday, September 6, 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., expert canner Rick Boyd will be teaching a class on preserving tomatoes from the garden.  This class will cover the basics of water bath canning, making sauces and making tomato jam.  Pre-registration is required by noon on September 5.

Yolo County will celebrate the garden’s one-year anniversary on Friday, September 19, 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.  The celebration will feature fresh foods from the garden, a showcase of garden successes in the past year and an opportunity to learn about the various activities and programs the garden offers.  Join the garden staff, community gardeners, Yolo County leaders and community supporters for this festive event.  RSVP preferred.

Old City Cemetery Event "Deadheading at Dusk"

Old City Cemetery Event  "Deadheading at Dusk"

Come join us on Monday, September 1 at 6:00 pm in the beautiful Old City Cemetery’s Historic Rose Garden for an early evening hands-on event.  We will be removing spent blooms from the many rosebushes and tidying up the garden which encourages repeat blooming of the roses in our treasured Historic Rose Garden.

Tools and training will be provided and light refreshments will be served.

Workshops are free, however, donations are appreciated and go towards the restoration and preservation of the roses and cemetery artifacts.

The cemetery is located at 1000 Broadway, Sacramento. Free parking is available in the lot at 10th & Broadway, across the street from the 10th Street entrance. For more information, call 916-448-0811 or 916-264-7839.

DIY to Try // Shibori is To Dye For

DIY to Try / Shibori is To Dye For

A great many moons ago I wrote an article for HGTV about a particular trend I foresaw just on the horizon and ready to emerge for mainstream worship. Sure enough, that beauty has come forth as the new 'it' girl in town and is quite frankly all the rage. And well... I think that is just peachy because when the crafty-folk jump on board with a new handicraft, we are all that much the better for it and the tutorials begin to trickle down with amazing varieties and many different takes on something so positively fabulous. So to celebrate these little DIY victories, I think we should round up some of the standout examples of a few of these incredible works of art and marvel at the amazing wealth of creativity right at our fingertips.... Read More

Free DIY Furniture Plans // How to Build a Mid Century Modern Side Table

Free DIY Furniture Plans /  How to Build a Mid Century Modern Side Table

Showcase: Built From These PlansI am so honored each and every time one of you fine friends builds from these very plans! If you have built this piece, please take a moment and showcase your build! We are dying to see your fabulous hard work!

I think a Side Table with storage is a perfectly versatile and adaptable piece of furniture. You might use this gorgeous gal as a nightstand, or next to your sofa, and perhaps to create a fabulous design moment on an otherwise empty wall. Mix it up and try this cute friend in a space you might not typically put a side table. You just might love it... Xx... Rayan 


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When and How to Report Water Waste

When and How to Report Water Waste

We’ve all witnessed water abuse: broken sprinklers flooding a sidewalk, sprinklers spraying on rainy days, hoses left running.  With the state of California in its third year of drought the City needs your help in eliminating water waste.  Water waste is defined as the following:... Read More

  • Causing or permitting excessive water to discharge, flow, or run to waste into any gutter, sanitary sewer, water course, or storm drain, or to any adjacent property, from any tap, hose faucet, pipe, sprinkler, or nozzle. In the case of irrigation, “discharge,” “flow,” or “run to waste” means that the earth intended to be irrigated has been saturated with water to the point that excess water flows over the earth to waste.
  • Allowing water fixtures or heating or cooling devices to leak or discharge excessively.